What to see in the Local Area

Sacro Monte di Crea

An ancient holy place perched on one of Monferrato’s highest points, this is a Marian sanctuary, documented since the Middle Ages. The church has been rebuilt over the centuries, and the devotional route around the seventeenth-century chapels in the Natural Park makes this an extremely picturesque and scenic place. The Sacro Monte was declared a UNECSO World Heritage site in 2003.

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Casale Monferrato

This town is approximately 15 kilometres from Solonghello, and serves is its local centre. The ancient capital of the Marchesato of Monferrato, the town underwent considerable expansion during the Renaissance, giving it a rich legacy of churches and palaces. There is also a fourteenth-century castle and a Synagogue built in 1595, a splendid example of Piemontese Baroque and considered one of Europe’s finest.

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Tour of the infernot

In an area where wine imbues tradition and culture, wine cellars are a distinctive feature. Here visitors can find the proud tradition of the “infernot”, a local Monferrato custom consisting of cellars carved out of the sandstone, where the best wines can be stored in darkness and constant temperature.
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Famous for its food and wines, the town is worth a visit too for the lovely architecture of its medieval centre, the cathedral, the church of San Secondo and the San Pietro in Consavia complex, as well as its Liberty-style palaces. A particular mention goes to the famous Palio.


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Romanesque churches are a wonderful historical, cultural and artistic heritage in the Monferrato and Asti area. Many of them contain valuable sculptures; some are reduced to ruins but all deserve a visit, partly for the fabulous scenery all around.

Particularly interesting is the Abbey of Vezzolano, a stunning example of Romanesque architecture some 40 kilometres from Solonghello.

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